This document serves as an executive summary of the ongoing activities of the Standardization of Postsecondary Education Electronic Data Exchange (SPEEDE) Committee of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). SPEEDE was formed in the mid 1980’s and has been very active since then in the coordination and development of these national exchange standards by representing postsecondary education in the appropriate standards setting bodies. These include the Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12. The SPEEDE committee reports to the AACRAO Vice President for Information Technology (Group VI), Jim Bouse (effective March 2011). Jim succeeds Jeff von Munkwitz-Smith who did a great job by providing leadership for the Information Technology group. Jim formerly served on the AACRAO SPEEDE Committee and the committee looks forward to working with Jim in his new role!

This report contains the 1 st quarter 2011 AACRAO SPEEDE Committee activities and efforts. Detailed bi-monthly reports of on-going committee activities, meetings, and calls are submitted to SPEEDE-L and archived on the AACRAO website (HERE).

The AACRAO SPEEDE Committee met in Seattle, Washington prior to the AACRAO Annual Meeting (Sunday, March 13 th) to discuss various initiatives, conference presentations, workgroup involvement, and crosswalk development. Seven committee members attended this meeting; and, Monterey Sims and Robin Greene also attended the AACRAO Professional Activities Committee meeting to seek ideas and obtain program information for planning presentations for future conferences (AACRAO Technology 2011 and AACRAO Annual 2012).

Several changes occurred within the AACRAO SPEEDE Committee membership: In March, we gladly welcomed (back) the newest member to the committee, Jerry Bracken of Brigham Young University. Jerry Bracken previously served on the AACRAO SPEEDE Committee for a number of years and brings extensive knowledge and experience (back) to the committee. As Jim Bouse transitions from vice-chair of AACRAO SPEEDE to VP of Information Technology (Group VI), Robin Greene will replace Jim as vice-chair (effective March 2011). Doug Holmes, from the Ontario Universities Application Centre, has been appointed by the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC), to replace Barry Billing as the ARUCC representative to the AACRAO SPEEDE Committee in July 2011. Doug also previously served on the AACRAO SPEEDE Committee about 10 years ago and brings (back) extensive knowledge and experience to the committee. Barry Billing will continue to serve on the committee through July 2011.

The AACRAO SPEEDE Committee hosted a webinar, “Methods of Transcript Exchanges” for members of the Pacific ACRAO group. The format was a panel discussion with the following committee members as panel participants – Matt Bemis, Tuan Anh Do, Clare Smith-Larson and Tom Stewart.  It was well attended with 62 participants.  The committee is discussing options of offering future webinars through AACRAO as it relates to the exchange of electronic student academic data.

The AACRAO SPEEDE Committee will receive the Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC) Distinguished Service Award. The committee will be recognized for its “tireless efforts throughout the years” for on-going involvement in various development workgroups and educating the community on the complexities of electronic data exchange, and the importance of standards ( ).

AACRAO SPEEDE Committee members serve in many capacities from participants to chairs in various development workgroups for standardization of schemas, implementation guides, crosswalks (EDI-to-XML and XML-to-EDI), and programming of crosswalks. All approved standards and implementation guides may be found on the PESC web site ( ). The statuses of the schemas, crosswalks and programming for crosswalks are as follows:

Committee Activities & Efforts:

XML Schema


XML College Transcripts

V1.0 approved May 2004

V1.1 approved Aug 2007

V1.2 approved Jan 2010


XML High School Transcript

V1.0 approved Jun 2006

V1.1 approved Jan 2010


XML Transcript Acknowledgement

V1.0 approved Jul 2007

XML Transcript Request & Response

V1.0 approved Oct 2007

XML Application for Admission

V1.0 approved Aug 2009

XML Education Test Score Reporting

V1.0 approved Aug 2009

XML Academic Record Batch Submittal

V1.0 approved Jul 2007

XML Global Functional Acknowledgement

V1.0 approved Dec 2010

PDF Education Documents

NEW - V1.0 approved Feb 2011

XML Academic Progress

V1.0 in progress

IPEDS Reporting Schemas - The US Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) is in the process of creating PESC XML Schemas to give schools an XML option for reporting data to NCES. The schemas for reporting enrollment data have been approved by PESC


Pending approval

Workgroups/Task Force


Common Education Data Standards

  • Adoption & Implementation Task Force
  • Technical Workgroup



Launched 2009

Recruitment and Enrollment

Launched Nov 2009

EdUnify Task Force

Launched Nov 2009

Academic e-Portfolio

Launched April 2010


Crosswalks and Programming at UT SPEEDE Server:








XML College Transcript v1.0

Completed Mar 2007

Completed Mar 2007


In progress; testing with pilot group of colleges

XML College Transcript v1.1

In progress

Completed Nov 2010



XML College Transcript v1.2


Completed Nov 2010



XML High School Transcript v1.0

In progress

Completed July 2010



XML High School Transcript v1.1


Completed Sep 2010



XML Transcript Acknowledgement v1.0

Completed July 2009

Completed July 2009



XML Transcript Request v1.0

Completed Nov 2009

Completed Nov 2009



The AACRAO SPEEDE Committee is actively involved with: (1) the PESC Education Record User Group (ERUG). ERUG is primarily responsible for the on-going maintenance of existing standards (EDI and XML) and corresponding Implementation Guides. ERUG meets every Tuesday at 12 noon ET to discuss various items brought forth from the education community; and (2) Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) in both the Adoption and Implementation Task Force and Technical Workgroup. The CEDS Initiative’s objective is to help State and local education agencies and higher education organizations work together to identify a minimal set of key data elements, common across organizations and necessary to meet student, policymaker and educator needs, and come to agreement on definitions, business rules and technical specifications, where possible, to improve the comparability and share-ability of those elements.

AACRAO SPEEDE Committee members are instrumental in submitting various items, questions, answers, etc. and contributing feedback to the AACRAO SPEEDE community via the SPEEDE-L list serv.

The AACRAO SPEEDE Committee has published the Electronic Data Exchange (EDX) Primer. The EDX Primer addresses the most commonly asked questions regarding electronic data exchanges, including matters relating to both traditional EDI standards and contemporary XML data standards as shaped by the Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC). Written by the AACRAO SPEEDE Committee, the Primer compiles EDX-related technology and contact information resources, along with lists of Web site sources and state, provincial, and regional initiatives and mandates. More information may be found HERE.

This concludes the AACRAO SPEEDE Committee report for 1st quarter 2011.