This document serves as an executive summary of the ongoing activities of the Standardization of Postsecondary Education Electronic Data Exchange (SPEEDE) Committee of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). The AACRAO SPEEDE Committee was formed in the mid 1980’s and has been very active since then in the coordination, development, and implementation of international exchange standards in North America by representing postsecondary education in collaboration with the standards setting body, Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC). The Committee reports to the AACRAO Vice President for Information Technology (Group VI), Jim Bouse. 

This report contains the 4th quarter 2012 AACRAO SPEEDE Committee activities and efforts. More information about the AACRAO SPEEDE Committee and on-going activities can be found HERE. 

Committee Meetings & Conferences:

One face to face meeting occurred in quarter four. It was held at the PESC Fall Data Summit in Vancouver, British Columbia. Agenda items included various on-going AACRAO and PESC initiatives and workgroup involvement, coordination of future AACRAO conference presentations, and web site updates.

Weekly conference calls occur every Thursday at 4pm ET with an average of seven (of nine) attendees.

Strategizing on how we make ourselves available to the AACRAO Community through our participation in various national conferences, we recognized that getting more involved as a committee in regional conferences will provide that wider audience and hopefully result in enabling adoption and implementation of Electronic Data Exchange (EDX). The AACRAO SPEEDE committee will make available to all AACRAO state and/or regional groups (e.g. PACRAO, SACRAO, Middle States, etc ) the opportunity to conduct an EDX workshop and several presentations. If you are interested in a SPEEDE track at a regional AACRAO conference, please send an email to and more information will be sent. 

In October 2013, the committee will conduct a pre-conference workshop, several EDX presentations, and a roundtable discussion at PACRAO in Las Vegas, NV.


Tim Tashjian announced his resignation from the AACRAO SPEEDE committee in October. Tim is leaving the University of Texas at Austin to join the IT division at St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas. Tim was acting as the liaison between the SPEEDE Committee and the SPEEDE Server at the University of Texas at Austin. Rick Skeel retired from the University of Oklahoma at the end of October 2012. He will continue to serve on the committee through January 2013. He is now working with the Kuali Student Project. There are currently 9 (of 10) members on the committee. A complete list of members can be found at If you would like to serve on the AACRAO SPEEDE committee, please send an email to

Committee Technical Activities & Efforts:

AACRAO SPEEDE Committee members serve in many capacities from participants to chairs in various development workgroups for standardization of schemas, implementation guides, crosswalks (EDI-to-XML and XML-to-EDI), and programming of crosswalks. All approved standards and implementation guides may be found on the PESC web site (

In October 2012, AACRAO made a public announcement that the National Student Clearinghouse will assume operation of the SPEEDE Server which has been operated by the University of Texas at Austin for many years. The announcement was for a one year trial period, and during this trial period the use of the SPEEDE Server will continue to be free for the electronic exchange of student records. A feasibility team may be created for this trial period, and members of the SPEEDE Committee will be available to serve on that team when requested. 

The statuses of the schemas, crosswalks and programming for crosswalks are as follows:

XML Schema Status
XML College Transcripts V1.0 approved May 2004
V1.1 approved Aug 2007
V1.2 approved Jan 2010
V1.3 approved Jun 2011
V1.4 approved Jun 2012
XML High School Transcript  V1.0 approved Jun 2006
V1.1 approved Jan 2010
V1.2 approved Jun 2011
V1.3 approved Jun 2012
XML Transcript Acknowledgement V1.0 approved Jul 2007
V1.1 approved Jun 2011
XML Transcript Request V1.0 approved Oct 2007
V1.1 approved Jun 2011
V1.2 approved Jun 2012
XML Transcript Response (to Transcript Request)  V1.0 approved Oct 2007
V1.1 approved Jun 2011
V1.2 approved Jun 2012
XML Application for Admission V1.0 approved Aug 2009
V1.1 approved Jun 2011
XML Education Test Score Reporting V1.0 approved Aug 2009
XML Academic Record Batch Submittal V1.0 approved Jul 2007
V2.0 approved Oct 2007
XML Global Functional Acknowledgement V1.0 approved Dec 2010
PDF Attachment V1.0 approved Jan 2011
XML Academic Progress V1.0 in progress
IPEDS Reporting Schemas - The US Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) is in the process of creating PESC XML Schemas to give schools an XML option for reporting data to NCES. The schemas for reporting enrollment data have been approved by PESC. 12 Month Enrollment – Jan 2011
Completions – Feb 2011
Student Financial Aid – Feb 2011
Graduation Rates – Mar 2010
Fall Enrollment – Aug 2009
PESC Workgroups/Task Forces (of which committee members actively participate) Status
Academic e-Portfolio Launched April 2010
Canadian PESC User Group Launched Spring 2011
Common Education Data Standards - Adoption & Implementation Task Force - Technical Workgroup V1.0 approved Fall 2010
V2.0 approved Jan 2012
V3.0 In progress
Common IP Launched Spring 2011
Common XML Launched Spring 2011
Course Catalog Launched Fall 2006
EA2 Launched Spring 2007
Education Record User Group Launched Fall 2008
Seal of Approval Launched April 2012
Technical Advisory Board Launched 2005

Crosswalk Development:

Standard EDI-to-XML XML-to-EDI
XML College Transcript v1.0 Completed Mar 2007 Completed Mar 2007
XML College Transcript v1.1 In progress Completed Nov 2010
XML College Transcript v1.2 Completed Nov 2010
XML College Transcript v1.3 In progress
XML High School Transcript v1.0 In progress Completed July 2010
XML High School Transcript v1.1 Completed Sep 2010
XML Transcript Acknowledgement v1.0 Completed July 2010 Completed July 2010
XML Transcript Request v1.0 Completed Nov 2009 Completed Nov 2009
XML Response to Request v1.0 Completed May 2011


Final versions of the EDI and XML crosswalks can be downloaded from the PESC web site (Resource Center section) at 

AACRAO SPEEDE Committee members are instrumental in submitting various items, questions, answers, etc. and contributing feedback to the AACRAO SPEEDE community via the SPEEDE-L list serv. 

The AACRAO SPEEDE Committee has published the Electronic Data Exchange (EDX) Primer. The EDX Primer addresses the most commonly asked questions regarding electronic data exchanges, including matters relating to both traditional EDI standards and contemporary XML data standards as shaped by the Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC). Written by the AACRAO SPEEDE Committee, the Primer compiles EDX-related technology and contact information resources, along with lists of Web site sources and state, provincial, and regional initiatives and mandates. More information may be found HERE.

This concludes the AACRAO SPEEDE Committee report for 4th quarter 2012.