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Ask the FERPA Professor

Posted on April 21 2015

Dear Professor, Does a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request “trump” FERPA?  In other words, if a school receives a FOIA request for “student’s email address&rdquo... Read More

Support adult learners

Posted on April 21 2015

At a Tuesday session at the AACRAO Annual Meeting, Mary Beth Lakin, director of college and university partnerships at the American Council on Education (ACE), presented “Supporting Adult Lea... Read More

The changing landscape of higher education has positioned administrators to serve in leadership roles and embrace initiatives to meet recruitment, admissions, and financial aid goals. As an enrollm... Read More

"Field Notes" is an occasional Connect column covering practical and philosophical issues facing admissions and registrar professionals. The columns are authored by va... Read More

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Lawsuit Against For-Profit Proceeds

Posted on April 30 2015

A federal appeals court Wednesday ordered a for-profit college to defend itself on charges it defrauded the U.S. government by altering grade and attendance records in an effort to receive more fed... Read More

Grants for Today's Student

Posted on April 30 2015

Get a group of higher education wonks in the same room talking about public funding and they're bound to discuss how flattening and declining state investment is hurting students and colleges a... Read More

After the Collapse

Posted on April 29 2015

Amid the fallout of more than 16,000 students shut outby Corinthian Colleges' closure, institutions from California to New York are teaming up with the U.S. Department of Education to... Read More

A bill introduced in Congress on Tuesday would forbid colleges that receive federal financial aid to require students to agree to mandatory arbitration clauses, which have been used by for-profit c... Read More

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A pair of democratic lawmakers introduced legislation on Tuesday that would end forced arbitration in student enrollment agreements, which have been used by for-profit colleges to prevent students ... Read More

The U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights released a guidance package on Friday emphasizing the responsibility of school districts, colleges and universities to designate a Tit... Read More

The Texas House of Representatives tentatively approved a bill this week that would require public universities in the state to establish a sex assault policy that includes prohibited behavior, pun... Read More

Arizona State University is partnering with edX to offer an online freshman year, called Global Freshman Academy, that will be available worldwide with no admissions process and full university cre... Read More

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