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​AACRAO Spotlight interviews are published twice weekly before major professional development meetings. They feature our conversations with industry experts, highlighting key issues and promot... Read More

So, what does a registrar do?

Posted on August 26 2014

How many times have you been asked, “So what does a registrar do?” According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, higher education administrators who work in the registrar’s office&... Read More

Tom Green, Director of Technology Solutions for AACRAO Consulting, delivered the keynote address at the 15th Annual SITS Conference in Wales, UK, in July.  The conference gathered nearly 300 s... Read More

AACRAO has named Dr. Tom Green as Associate Executive Director, Consulting and SEM.  Tom will succeed Bob Bontrager as the head of AACRAO Consulting and Strategic Enrollment Management initiat... Read More

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What Freshmen (Don't) Know

Posted on August 26 2014

As the academic year starts, Beloit College has each August since 1998 released a "mindset list" to remind professors and administrators that their experiences are very different from tho... Read More

Profit and Social Responsibility

Posted on August 26 2014

For-profit higher education has tried previously to create voluntary standards for quality and responsibility. But those attempts at self-regulation, which many saw as too self-serving, f... Read More

As a first-term senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren is advancing her fight for middle-class families with a legislative agenda focused on college affordability and student debt. "Risi... Read More

Two Enrollment Management Firms Merge

Posted on August 26 2014

RuffaloCody, which works with 1,000 colleges on their enrollment management and fund-raising strategies,announced Thursday that it is purchasing Noel-Levitz, which consults with colleges on ad... Read More

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The U.S. Education Department, in co-sponsorship with AACRAO and the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA), recently held a set of webinars on the requirements relat... Read More

Thirteen states paid for eleventh graders in all public high schools to take the ACT this year, and several more states plan to do so in 2015, reports The Washington Post. More than 1.84 million U... Read More

Oregon's much-discussed proposal to offer students tuition-free college in exchange for a portion of their earnings after graduation failed to gain the support of the state's higher educati... Read More

Texas State Senator Leticia Van de Putte, the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor, unveiled a proposal last week to invest $2 billion in a new fund to provide free community and technical co... Read More

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C&U Volume 89, Number 3(.pdf)

Posted on May 6 2014

Crossing the GEM frontier: Graduate admission professionals participation in enrollment management  C. Dean Campbell, Ed.D. and Jahmaine Smith, MBA Dietary Identities in Higher Education: At... Read More

C&U Volume 89, Number 2(.pdf)

Posted on January 27 2014

The Evolution in College Admissions Requirements: 1885-1905 David English and Christopher Broadhurst Why Not Go Online? Myths that Deter Institutions from Utilizing Online Course Evaluations Lau... Read More

C&U Volume 89, No. 1(.pdf)

Posted on January 27 2014

The Impact of Online Applications on Higher Education Outcomes Jennifer L. Kobrin and Kelcey Edwards Factors Influencing Student-Athletes' Decision To Attend a Military Service Academy Lynn ... Read More

C&U Volume 88, No.4(.pdf)

Posted on January 27 2014

A Comparison of For-Profit and Community Colleges' Admissions Practices Constance Iloh and William G. Tierney How Hollywood Movies Influence International Students to Study in the United Stat... Read More

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